Workforce Development

Terms and Conditions/Booking Process for online bookings and payments

The training programme is designed to meet the training requirements for the National Minimum Standards. It is also designed to support Continuous Professional Development (CPD). The programme is compiled around the results of a yearly Training Needs Consultation (TNC). It is funded by the Flying Start Programme. Detailed below are the conditions to attending any of the courses in the training programme along with the booking information.

Eligibility Criteria

This Multi-Agency training is available to all childcare workers in the non-maintained childcare sector, currently working in the Cardiff area and can include volunteers and non-registered providers in early years and childcare settings. It is advisable for childcare settings to be members of umbrella organisations as other training and benefits would then be available.

Responsibility of the Childcare Setting

  • The line manager allocated to book the training places must ensure that they only book for staff allocated to their childcare setting. It is also their responsibility to update staff leaving and starting at the setting in order to keep the data held up to date.
  • Attendees must adhere to the Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in the individual not being able to attend future courses.
  • Training courses may be added throughout the year. Please make sure you check the website regularly for details and updates.
  • It is the responsibility of the line manager to explain the training process to their staff. Staff supplying email addresses and/or mobile phone numbers must be made aware of the reasons for this and agree for their data to be used. Please ensure that your details are kept up to date, all correspondence will be sent via email and reminders will be sent via text message.
  • Information applicable to the course can be downloaded from the website and are available to print off. Please note that for some courses, handouts will not be available.
  • If you need to make a change of name to a course, this must be completed within 24 hours before the course start date and time. Line managers are able to substitute members of staff booked onto a course via the Online Booking and Payments Website. This is to ensure that trainers receive the updated attendance list in order to prepare for the session.
  • Individuals who are not on the attendance list will be refused entry (unless attending as a substitution) at the training.
  • It is the responsibility of the attendee to read and fully understand the Health and Safety guidelines in the training rooms.
  • It is the line manager's responsibility to inform Cardiff Workforce Development prior to the course if any attendees require any additional support in order to successfully complete the course.


  • If you are not already set up to use the Online Booking and Payment Website, the childcare setting must contact Cardiff Workforce Development for further information via
  • Once the setting has received a user guide and log on details, the system can be accessed. The user guide will also be available on the website.
  • Setting details held can be amended by the line manager once logged into the system. Some changes can only be made by the Workforce Development Team, please contact a member of the team if you need assistance.
  • Please note that there may be restrictions set for the numbers of bookings available per setting per course.
  • Reserve lists will be held at the point of request if the course is full. Cardiff Workforce Development will contact the relevant settings if and when spaces become available.

Payment/Cancellation policy

  • All places must be paid for online at the point of booking, via debit/credit card payment.
  • Local Authority childcare settings will need to supply the details of their cost codes at the point of sale in order to proceed for payment via journal transfer. Records of these transactions should be kept by the childcare setting.
  • Confirmation of the booking will be sent to the email address provided on your profile; this will need to be kept by you as a record. A receipt will also be issued from the Capita Payment Portal which should be kept by the setting for financial records.
  • Refunds will only be issued if a place is cancelled with at least seven days notice before the course commences. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  • Settings can substitute staff members on courses up to the day before a course starts. Line managers can substitute places via their 'My Training' page.
  • You can transfer a booking to a later course, providing that you give at least seven days notice before the course starts. To transfer a booking please contact the Workforce Development team.
  • For Flying Start settings who do not follow the cancellation policy detailed above, or where there are instances of non-attendance from Flying Start childcare staff, as per terms of the Flying Start Service Specification the setting will be charged the standard course attendance fee by the Flying Start central team. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  • If Workforce Development cancel a course for any reason, refunds will be provided.
  • Workforce Development and their training partners reserve the right to deny access to delegates where payment has not been received prior to training.

Code of Conduct for Learners

  • Workforce Development aim to deliver high standards of quality training that will guide, inspire and support all course participants.
  • Our aim is to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and mutual support and respect between centre staff, trainers and attendees in order to maximise the individual's learning experiences and outcomes.
  • All trainers and learners are encouraged to listen to and consider each other's points of view. Please remember the trainer is an expert in their particular field and therefore we ask that you respect this. However, your views and experiences are important and positive participation is encouraged.
  • We also ask that you make yourself aware of health and safety, by being aware of facilities and emergency procedures.
  • We ask for the cooperation of all participants to abide by our Code of Conduct to ensure that the training event is undertaken successfully within a safe and secure environment. Failure to abide by this may result in exclusion from future training courses.
  • Please complete our course evaluation forms at the end of the training session. We welcome any feedback you may have to enable us to develop and improve our service further.
  • Please talk to the trainer if you feel you could benefit from essential skills support. The trainer will discuss all options of support available to you in a confidential manner.
  • Please do not use your mobile phones during the training. If you are expecting an urgent call, please advise the trainer at the start of the session.

Datblygu'r Gweithlu

Telerau ac Amodau/Proses archebu ar gyfer archebu a thalu ar-lein

Nod y rhaglen hyfforddi yw bodloni gofynion hyfforddiant y Safonau Gofynnol Cenedlaethol. Fe'i dyluniwyd hefyd i gefnogi DPP (Datblygiad Proffesiynol Parhaus). Mae'r rhaglen yn troi o amgylch canlyniadau Dadansoddiad Anghenion Hyfforddiant (DAH) blynyddol. Fe'i hariennir gan y Rhaglen Dechrau'n Deg. Isod ceir manylion am yr amodau ar gyfer mynychu unrhyw rai o'r cyrsiau yn y rhaglen hyfforddi, ynghyd â gwybodaeth archebu.

Meini Prawf Cymhwysedd

Mae'r hyfforddiant Amlasiantaethol hwn ar gael i bob gweithiwr gofal plant yn y sector gofal plant nas cynhelir sy'n gweithio yn ardal Caerdydd ar hyn o bryd. Gall gynnwys gwirfoddolwyr a darparwyr anghofrestredig mewn lleoliadau blynyddoedd cynnar a gofal plant. Dylai lleoliadau gofal plant fod yn aelodau o sefydliadau ymbarél oherwydd yna byddai hyfforddiant a buddiannau eraill ar gael.

Cyfrifoldeb y Lleoliad Gofal Plant

  • Rhaid i'r rheolwr llinell sy'n archebu'r lleoedd hyfforddi sicrhau ei fod ond yn archebu ar gyfer staff sy'n gweithio i'w leoliad gofal plant. Ei gyfrifoldeb ef hefyd yw diweddaru cofnodion am staff sy'n cyrraedd a gadael er mwyn sicrhau bod y data'n gyfredol.
  • Rhaid i gyfranogwyr ddarllen a chydymffurfio â'r Cod Ymddygiad. Efallai na chaiff yr unigolyn fynychu cyrsiau yn y dyfodol os bydd yn methu â gwneud hyn.
  • Gall cyrsiau hyfforddi gael eu hychwanegu drwy gydol y flwyddyn. Sicrhewch eich bod yn edrych ar y wefan yn rheolaidd am fanylion a newyddion.
  • Cyfrifoldeb y rheolwr llinell yw esbonio'r broses hyfforddi i'w staff. Rhaid i staff sy'n nodi eu cyfeiriadau e-bost wybod y rhesymau am hyn a chytuno i'w data gael ei ddefnyddio. Sicrhewch fod eich manylion yn gyfredol. Caiff unrhyw ohebiaeth ei hanfon dros e-bost.
  • Gall taflenni gwybodaeth a gwybodaeth arall am y cwrs gael eu lawrlwytho o'r wefan a'u hargraffu. Cofiwch na fydd taflenni gwybodaeth ar gael ar gyfer rhai cyrsiau.
  • Os oes angen i chi newid enw cwrs, rhaid i chi wneud hyn o fewn 24 awr o ddechrau'r cwrs. Gall rheolwyr llinell gyflwyno aelodau o staff i gymryd lle aelodau eraill o staff ar gwrs drwy'r Wefan Archebu a Thalu Ar-lein. Mae hyn i sicrhau bod yr hyfforddwr yn cael rhestr gywir o bobl er mwyn paratoi ar gyfer y sesiwn.
  • Gwrthodir mynediad i unigolion nad ydynt ar y rhestr (oni bai eu bod yn mynychu fel 'eilydd').
  • Mae'n gyfrifoldeb ar y sawl sy'n mynychu i ddarllen a deall y canllawiau Iechyd a Diogelwch yn yr ystafelloedd hyfforddi yn llawn yn
  • Cyfrifoldeb y rheolwr llinell yw rhoi gwybod i adran Datblygu Gweithlu Caerdydd cyn y cwrs os oes angen unrhyw gymorth ychwanegol ar rywun i gwblhau'r cwrs yn llwyddiannus.


  • Os nad oes gennych gyfrif i ddefnyddio'r wefan Archebu a Thalu Ar-lein, rhaid i'r lleoliad gofal plant gysylltu â Datblygu Gweithlu Caerdydd am ragor o wybodaeth drwy
  • Pan fydd y lleoliad wedi cael canllaw defnyddwyr a manylion mewngofnodi, gall y system gael ei defnyddio. Bydd y canllaw defnyddwyr hefyd ar gael ar y wefan.
  • Gall manylion y lleoliad gael eu diwygio gan y rheolwr llinell pan fo wedi mewngofnodi i'r system.
  • Gallai fod cyfyngiadau ar nifer yr archebion sydd ar gael fesul lleoliad fesul cwrs.
  • Caiff rhestrau wrth gefn eu cadw ar gais os yw'r cwrs yn llawn. Bydd Datblygu Gweithlu Caerdydd yn cysylltu â'r lleoliad perthnasol os bydd lle yn dod ar gael.

Polisi Talu/Canslo

  • Rhaid talu am bob lle ar-lein wrth ei gadw, trwy daliad cerdyn debyd/credyd.
  • Bydd angen i leoliadau gofal plant Awdurdod Lleol gyflwyno'u codau cost wrth archebu er mwyn prosesu taliad drwy drosglwyddiad. Dylai cofnodion y trafodion hyn gael eu cadw gan y lleoliad gofal plant.
  • Caiff cadarnhad o'r taliad cerdyn ei anfon i'r cyfeiriad e-bost a ddarperir; bydd angen i chi gadw hwn fel cofnod. Caiff derbynneb ei chyflwyno hefyd gan Borthol Taliadau Capita. Dylai'r lleoliad ei chadw ar gyfer cofnodion ariannol.
  • Caiff ad-daliadau eu cyflwyno dim ond os caiff lle ei ganslo o leiaf saith diwrnod cyn i'r cwrs ddechrau. Nid oes unrhyw eithriadau i'r rheol hon will.
  • Gall lleoliadau newid yr aelodau o staff ar gyrsiau hyd at y diwrnod cyn i'r cwrs ddechrau. Gall rheolwyr llinell lenwi bylchau ar eu tudalen 'Fy Hyfforddiant'.
  • Gallwch newid eich archeb i gwrs hwyrach, ar yr amod eich bod yn rhoi gwybod o leiaf saith diwrnod cyn i'r cwrs ddechrau. I newid archeb cysylltwch â'r tîm Datblygu'r Gweithlu.
  • Ar gyfer lleoliadau Dechrau'n Deg nad ydynt yn dilyn y polisi canslo uchod, codir tâl ar y sefydliad gan dîm Dechrau'n Deg drwy drefniadau ar wahân. Nid oes unrhyw eithriadau i'r rheol hon will.
  • Os bydd Datblygu'r Gweithlu yn canslo cwrs am unrhyw reswm, cynigir ad-daliad.
  • Mae Datblygu'r Gweithlu a'u partneriaid hyfforddi yn cadw'r hawl i wrthod mynediad i ddirprwyon pan na dderbynnir taliad cyn hyfforddiant.

Cod Ymddygiad ar gyfer Dysgwyr

  • Nod Datblygu'r Gweithlu yw darparu hyfforddiant o'r safon uchaf a fydd yn arwain, ysbrydoli a chefnogi pawb ar y cwrs.
  • Ein nod yw creu awyrgylch lle gwelir brwdfrydedd, cefnogaeth a pharch rhwng staff y ganolfan, hyfforddwyr a'r hyfforddeion er mwyn manteisio i'r eithaf ar brofiadau dysgu a chyflawniadau'r unigolyn.
  • Anogir pob hyfforddwr a dysgwr i wrando ac ystyried safbwyntiau ei gilydd. Cofiwch fod yr hyfforddwr yn arbenigwr yn ei faes a gofynnwn i chi barchu hynny. Ond, mae eich safbwyntiau a'ch profiadau'n bwysig ac anogir cyfranogiad positif.
  • Gofynnwn hefyd i chi fod yn ymwybodol o iechyd a diogelwch, drwy ymgyfarwyddo eich hun â'r cyfleusterau a'r gweithdrefnau argyfwng.
  • Gofynnwn i bob cyfranogwr gydymffurfio â'n Cod Ymddygiad er mwyn sicrhau y caiff y digwyddiad hyfforddiant ei gynnal mewn amgylchedd diogel. Gall peidio â gwneud hyn arwain at wahardd cyfranogwyr rhag dod ar gyrsiau hyfforddiant yn y dyfodol.
  • A fyddech cystal â chwblhau ein ffurflenni gwerthuso cwrs ar ddiwedd y sesiwn? Mae croeso i chi roi unrhyw fath o adborth ar y cwrs er mwyn ein galluogi i ddatblygu a gwella'n gwasanaethau ymhellach.
  • Mynnwch air gyda'r hyfforddwr os ydych o'r farn y gallech gael budd o gymorth sgiliau sylfaenol. Bydd yr hyfforddwr yn trafod yr holl opsiynau a'r cymorth sydd ar gael i chi yn gwbl gyfrinachol.